About Três Estrelas

Três Estrelas is a publishing imprint devoted to non fiction books, in the fields of journalism, history, politics, sociology, economy, philosophy, anthropology, psychoanalisis, literary criticism, biography and science.

It was launched in March 2012 by Grupo Folha, the company that owns the largest and most influential Brazilian newspaper, Folha de S. Paulo, the internet portal Universo Online (UOL) and the publishing imprint Publifolha. The name Três Estrelas takes its inspiration from the three stars that are part of the logo of Folha, a newspaper resulting from the merger of three other dailies (Folha da Manhã, Folha da Tarde and Folha da Noite).

Diário da corte [Diary of the court], a collection of articles by the controversial Brazilian journalist Paulo Francis, and A perfeição não existe [Perfection does not exist], with articles by Tostão, ex-football player of the Brazilian national team which won the World Cup in 1970 and currently a sports columnist, were among the first titles to be released. In June 2012, Três Estrelas started the publication of foreign titles, with Talking about detective fiction, by P.D. James, Martin Luther: A destiny, by Lucien Febvre, and The man who mistook himself for Napoleon, by Laure Murat (winner of the Femina 2012 award for essays).

The books published by Três Estrelas are intended for the general public, not only for specialists; the aim is to widen readers' cultural horizons with works that both enrich and entertain.


Três Estrelas
Alameda Barão de Limeira, 401 - 6º andar, Campos Elíseos
01202-900 - São Paulo - SP